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Welcome to the Director's Lounge

Are you a director who enjoys working on new plays?  Our playwrights often have a need for directors to helm play readings, workshops, and even full productions.  Here's your chance to let them know about you!

When you join our Director Database, ALAP member playwrights will be able to browse your resume and headshot (if you'd like to add one) and contact you to work on their projects; there's even a place for you to enter a personal statement of how you like to work, what kind of plays turn you on, or any other bit of information you'd like to convey to potential collaborators.  The ALAP Director Database is a great way to introduce yourself to writers, and get in on the ground floor of developing new plays.

Terms of UseListing in the database is free of charge, and you are under no obligation to read any given script.  We do ask that you respond to all inquiries, and that should you request a script, that you respond in a timely fashion.  By committing to a project, whether paying or not, you agree to act professionally at all times and to fulfill all agreed-upon obligations.  Should you need to withdraw for any reason (e.g. obtaining paying work or other obligations that may arise), we ask that you do so responsibly, giving the playwright sufficient time to find another director and/or providing suggestions of alternate directors.  Failure to abide by the Terms of Use may result in a ban from the site and/or notification of the ALAP membership.  Further, by signing up for the database, you give your consent to ALAP to send you emails about upcoming ALAP events and member projects.  Your contact information will never be shared with non-ALAP members without your consent.  Listing in the database is at the sole discretion of the Co-Chairs, and we reserve the right to refuse a listing to anyone.

Please be sure to read the guidelines carefully as you create your new entry!
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