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Please read all of the instructions below first!  Registering for the ALAP director database is easy, and consists of several easy steps.  On this page, you'll provide your contact and other basic information and pick a password.

On subsequent pages, you'll have an opportunity to upload your resume (PDF preferred, but Word is also acceptable), a headshot (if you'd like) and to write a personal statement.  The personal statement can be anything you feel our members should know about you, why you like to work on new plays, what kind of plays turn you on, how you prefer to be approached, why you feel vanilla ice cream is better than chocolate...

We ask you to keep in mind the following simple style notes and other necessaries:
1.  While all lower case may seem terribly clever, please use traditional capitalization for your first name, last name and mailing address.  Email addresses are generally not case sensitive, so all lower case is best.
2.  Please write out the name of your city--in other words, Los Angeles, not L.A.
3.  Under no circumstances should you use ALL CAPS for any of your entries.  It's considered screaming.
4.  If you mention play or film titles in your personal statement, please use bold and italics rather than ALL CAPS.
5.  Headshots must be uploaded as .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif files.  Please keep them to roughly 500k or smaller.

A few additional, important reminders:
1.  The database is only accessible by ALAP members in a password-protected area.  Your information is not viewable by the general public.
2.  Any fields marked "private" are only viewable by the site administrators and not by ALAP members.
3.  For your phone number (and email), please use a number that you yourself answer and/or check.  That could be a cell number or a message service, just not an agency/management company.
4.  If you include a website
link, please make sure it is specific to you as a director and not a
general link or a link to a commercial site.
5.  If you are under 18, your use of this website assumes that you have obtained permission from your parent or legal guardian before registering.  Please use that person's (or that of another person over the age of 18) contact phone and email in the database.
6.  Should you wish to update your listing later, you may do so at any time.  Always remember to login by clicking on the For Directors tab on the main menu.

Please be aware that your initial listing, and any subsequent changes you make, must be verified and approved by an administrator before they "go live." While we strive to do this as quickly as possible, it can take some time -- we appreciate your patience.

Once your information is verified, you will be "live" in our database, and our members will have the opportunity to read about you online and see if you're right for their next project!

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