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Paul Elliott

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Plays By Paul Elliott

DulaExit Laughing
Finding the Burnett HeartGentle Passage
Ledge, Ledger & the LegendLegacy
Mind GamesMind Games: An Anthology
PerspectiveSomething Dark
TBD - To Be DeterminedThe Door
Till Death Do Us Part

Paul Elliott


How did one become a writer? I'm not sure. I always felt my writing began as a fluke.While I pursuing an acting/directing career, I took a summer to write three plays which were subsequently published by Samuel French (The Legacy, and Perspective) and Dramatic Publishing (Ledge, Ledger and the Legend). 

That led to writing screenplays which were also optioned and/or produced: Singapore Plus (HBO/ Francis Ford Coppola), House That Half Jack Built (CBS) Fangs (MM Productions), Maelstrom Complex (MM&D), Dial Tones (Robert Aldrich Prod. VITT), Night Screams (ABA), So Beautiful to Me (Taft/Sun Classics), Captive (Buzz Kulick Productions), Carnaba (Isom/Cox), and Maximillian (O. Atlas Enterprises)

Wanting more control over my productions, I wrote, produced and/or directed for television over 50 shows from syndicated musical variety series to network musical variety specials.

Then two things happened. Musical variety died and I turned 45 that magical age in television where age matters. So I moved on to writing/ producing/ directing live stage shows for theme parks like Disneyland, Disney World, EuroDisney, AstroWorld, Boblo Island and Sanrio Puroland in Japan.

From there it seemed a natural step into corporate productions and I've produced and directed everything from multimillion dollar press launches for companies like HP, Microsoft, MCA/Universal, Disney and Buena Vista to huge week long events for companies like Shaklee, Merle Norman, MONY, AXA Financial, AMD, Countrywide, United Airlines, Cookie Lee, Baxter Healthcare, Toshiba, FreeLife, RadioShack and Neutrogena.

But I never lost that dream of writing for the theater again. The challenges were money and time. I was paid well to be on the road or in production 48 weeks a year. Still, I started snatching moments to write and fell back into it as if I'd never done anything else. So I gave notice at my own company and a year and a half later finally stepped away completely to return to writing full time.

My first new play, Finding the Burnett Heart, premiered at the Detroit Rep Theatre in 2009 and my next plays, The Door and Mind Games were published by Dramatic Publishing. I currently have a new comedy, Exit Laughing , with over 20 productions scheduled in the coming year and a musical, Dula, due to be produced in a full production in the fall of 2015.   Three more plays are also  being readied for production  in 2015. Something Dark, a ghost story for the Stage, TBD (To Be Determined) which deals with two older women who are forced to hide a young battered teenager, only to discover that she is a he; and 
Stolen Moments, a new play about learning to accept the past mistakes one has made in order to move forward in the present. 


It's good to be back.

Paul Elliott - 3930 Paige Street - Los Angeles, CA 90031 - 323-225-8449