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Meet Jan Michael Alejandro

Jan Michael Alejandro

City: LA , NY
Telephone Number: 323 260 7212 x 140
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Jan Michael Alejandro

 Playwright / Composer/ Lyricist/ Poet



Produced Plays, Operas & *Musicals:

Common Bonds, What's The Play About?, Leticia, Ornament Exchange, Fore Play, Personal Space Invaders, Bad Dad, Bautismo, Mountain Road, Baking With Mrs. Claus, No Rest For Santa, Chin Up, Holiday Mitzvah, Myjovi el Musical, Aesopera, Gift of the Magi (Operas written with Jonathan Price)

Other Plays:

Fallen Through The Cracks,  To Be Or Meant To Be, Antonio Salomon, Turning Points


Here is what critics have said about Jan's plays and musicals:

Music and choreography are crowd-pleasers! LA Weekly

Compelling work! Tantalizing! Variety

Fine writing and compelling! Back Stage West Critics Pick!


 Jan's new music CD "Close Your Eyes And See For Yourself" on iTunes

  Jansplays YouTube Channel


Words That Speak with Lee Wochner

Acting For Playwrights with Stacey Chaiken

Writing On Your Feet with Jean Claude van-Itallie

Outling Musicals @ANMT with Elise Dewsberry

Lyric Writing @ANMT w/ Scott Guy

Musical Theatre Core Curriculum @ANMT with John Sparks, Elise Dewsberry, Scott Guy

Songwriting with Al Kasha


Composer/Lyricist (BMI)


Awkward Situation Artist: Ava Cherry, Capitol Records

Hot & Sultry Afternoon Artist: Arnold McCuller, What's Good Records

New Yorker In Exile Artist: Arnold McCuller, AVI Records

Keep It On The Turntable Artist: Arnold McCuller, AVI Records

Don't Make My Baby Artist: Billy Hughes, BBC Records

Television Credits:

Guiding Light Proctor & Gamble Prod.

Another World Proctor & Gamble Prod.

Stage Credits:

"Bad Dad"

Boxcar & Eugenia (Play by Art Shulman)

"Bagels" (Play by Art shulman)

Movie Credits:

First Strike TVC Productions


Member Of The Dramatist Guild Of America

Member Of The Alliance Of Playwrights Los Angeles

Former Board Member of Moving Arts Theater, Los Angeles

Resident Artist @ The Secret Rose Theatre, NOHO

Member of ANMT The Academy For New Musical Theatre