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Meet Judith L. Allen

Plays By Judith L. Allen

A Perfect BusinessIRMA
It's Just a NumberPlay Dates
Second Timers

Judith Allen's credits include receiving honorable mention in the Jane Chambers National Playwriting Awards for her play, It's Just a Number

Scrabble was produced by Write Act Repertory Theatre for its "Women Inventing Theatre" program in 2011 and at Bakersfield Community Theatre in 2010.

Marty's Bromance was produced at Write Act Repertory Theatre and Bakersfield Community Theatre.

Other plays include Second TimersMy First Husband Married My Second Husband's First WifeThe Coupon Caperand Men, Money and the Mortgage

Get Me a Profiler, a monologue, won "Best Comedy" at Secret Rose Theatre MonoSlam in November 2011.

Her monologue, You're Gonna Love This Place, won "Best Comedy" at Secret Rose MonoSlam in May 2012.

Her movie, The Marriage Penalty, was optioned by television director, Gary Shimokawa.

Judith has performed a revised version of her L.A. Times published piece, The Rules of Dating at a Certain Age, at The Jersey Girls Production of  "The Vintage Show - Women Who Get Better with Age."  This was Ms. Allen's first stage appearance since 19...., when she played Estelle in Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit to a captive (literally) audience at a high security Army Base in what was then West Germany.

Judith's writing reflects her wry sense of humor. 

After losing most of her hearing at a rock concert (the group was Kansas), and one of those ugly divorces, Judith turned to writing as a means of keeping her sanity.  She owes much to Sister Felice Kolda and her original writing group friends, whom she met at a workshop in 1989, for nagging her to continue to write.   Then there's her weekly Monday morning breakfasts with fellow ALAP member, Ann L. Gibbs, to keep her motivated.

Judith is a member of Theatre West, At Rise: Playwrights and the Dramatists Guild.

Judith may be reached at