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Meet Bonnie MacBird

Bonnie MacBird

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Bonnie MacBird has many credits and  a lifelong passion for theatre.  As a Los Angeles based playwright and lyricist,  she's written one original and three parody musicals.  Her original musical Hot Roles enjoyed a four month run and a notice in the LA TIMES in their year end "best" roundup.  More recently her airline-themed Getaway Cabaret played to sold out audiences at the Noho Arts Center, and her one acts are popular favorites in that theatre's highly regarded 24 Hours of Madness events, including two works selected for "Best of" shows, Missing in Action, about a misguided bachelor's fake gay marriage, and Spin, based loosely on a real life Silicon Valley scandal.  Her comedic verse monologue Em and M premiered in Chicago at the Caffeine Theatre's Emily Dickinson festival.

Bonnie is also a screenwriter (original writer of the original TRON), a former Universal Studios Development Exec, and has three Emmys for her documentary work.  She teaches screenwriting at UCLA Extension, and lectures regularly at Women in Film, Screenwriter's Expo, SAG Conservatory, and elsewhere. 

Bonnie is a contributing editor of FOOTLIGHTS MAGAZINE and a SAG actor, who appears regularly in theatre, film, and television.