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Meet Carol Anne Seflinger

Carol Anne Seflinger

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Plays By Carol Anne Seflinger

First Day CoverThe Session

I have been writing monologues and plays for over 25 years now.

I started writing for myself as an actor many years ago, and have been a professional actor (on and off) since I was four years old. After accruing many, many credits on television and in the movies (primarily as a child and young adult), I began studying acting for the stage and through college and beyond have performed in over 30 plays. I started creating my own monologues out of a desire to use unique audition pieces as well as to workshop them in the several companies to which I'd belonged, including the Actor's Forum, Maria Gobetti's company at Burbank Little Theatre (The Gobetti-Ormeny Acting Studio), The Richard Basehart Theatre, Theatre Rapport, and Theatre East. It was at Theatre East I first performed my own monologue, Up Leapt Leopold,for a special benefit evening of solo performances appropriately enough titled SOLO. This evening also included a monologue by noted performer/writer Sandra Tsing Loh. Sandra was in charge of selecting the pieces to be performed.

A few years later I decided to expand my writing to include more than one character, to create dialogues, and eventually plays, including full-length plays which I have developed, workshopped and had produced in affiliation with the workshops, All Original Playwrights Workshop (AOPW)  and Trey Nichol's writing workshop, among others. I have showcased and/or had produced more than 15 different scenes, monologues, and full 10-minute one-acts in this fashion. Some of my 10-minute one-acts include Something for the Pain, Solving for X, The Session, My Life as a Meteor, The Deal, Graduation  Day, and Adopting a Cat.
 I have one complete full-length romantic comedy developed through those workshops, First Day Cover, and two others which are on their way to completion:Imperfections and Special Delivery.

Updates:  My monologue, My Life as a Meteor, has been  published in a compilation by JAC Publishing & Promotions entitled, InterJACtions: Monologues at the Heart of Human Behavior, and is available at  Also, in August, 2009, my one-act, The Session, was  part of UC Irvine's first annual World Premiere Weekend.  Another playwright whose work was showcased in this premiere was Neil LaBute. Yep, Neil and I, we're peers now!