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Rom Watson

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Plays By Rom Watson

Celebrity Death WatchImage and Likeness
Manifesto of SilenceMead and Stu Go Carolling
Mead and Stu Go to SeaWorldMr. Cuddles
Performance AnxietyPickle Juice
Pinocchio in the BronxThe Norma Conquests
The TestThree Syllables of Shame

Rom Watson is the author of The Norma Conquests: The Three Faces of Norma, My Fair Norma, and The Importance of Being Norma.  He has written five other full-length plays: Manifesto of Silence; Pinocchio in The Bronx ; Pickle Juice, a scatological screwball comedy; Lying Beneath the Surface, a science-fiction murder mystery; and Image and Likeness, a drama about religion that is also a murder mystery.  Image and Likeness won the 2010 ALAP/West Hollywood gay play reading festival, which included a monetary prize.  He has also written a prequel and two sequels to Image and Likeness: the 10-minute plays The TestThree Syllables of Shame and Celebrity Death Watch.  Other works: the 10-minutes plays Performance Anxiety, Mead and Stu Go Carolling and Mr. Cuddles; and the libretto and lyrics for Chamber Music for Bonsai Trees, which is based upon a short novel in the public domain.  Rom studied playwrighting with Bill Chang, and lyric writing with the late Marshall Barer.  His plays have had readings at The Road Theatre, The MET Theatre, Alliance Repertory Theatre, Celebration Theatre, Unknown Theatre, The Laura Henry Studio, and the ALAP festivals Dramapalooza, Dramapocalypto and Dramakaze.  Three of his plays have been produced.  He is a member of The Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights, and has been a member of The Dramatists Guild of America, Inc. since 1996.