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Meet Joan Beber

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Plays By Joan Beber

Ethel SingsHunger- In Bed With Roy Cohn
In Bed With Roy Cohn We All Fall Down


Playwright  (Lifetime member of ALAP)

Plays: Fitting Pictures (Produced by The Actors Alliance Festival, San Diego, California, The University Cabaret, University of California Black Box Theatre);  Ethel Sings at Walker Space, New York City and Off Broadway at Theatre Row, Hunger- In Bed With Roy Cohn at The Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles, California, In Bed With Roy Cohn, Off Broadway at Theatre Row, New York City.


 I began as a visual artist, also experimenting with performance and installation art. Writing for  theatre has become my primary focus.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Northwestern University and a Master of Fine Art in Playwriting from the University of Southern California.