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Meet Art Shulman

Art Shulman

City: Los Angeles
State: CA
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Plays By Art Shulman

At Half TimeBagels
Bagels (the one-act play)Beggars
Boxcar & EugeniaCareer Day
Discussion After the Play ReadingFlowers For Adam
God, Bring Me a MiracleGraveside
HeavensJoe Carbone's Job
Not One More Foot of Land: Major Ridge and the Trail of TearsOld Broads Can't Dunk
On A Scale From 1 To 10Pigeons
Seeing The Star After The ShowSeptember 10
Sex Is For The HeartSex Is Good For You
Spacenapped SantaStung
The $4 Million GiveawayThe Billy Chronicles
The Eternity of Donald TrumpThe Eternity of Hugh Hefner
The Eternity of Imelda MarcosThe Eternity of Jackie Onassis
The Eternity of Jacques CousteauThe Eternity of Judy Garland
The Eternity of Mahatma GandhiThe Eternity of Marilyn Monroe
The Eternity of Michael MooreThe Eternity of Mohammed Atta
The Eternity of Princess Diana and Mother TheresaThe Eternity of Rush Limbaugh
The Eternity of The Marquis De SadeThe Hole
The Lemonade GirlThe Rabbi & The Gravedigger
The Rabbi & The ShiksaThe Rehearsal
The Spelling BeeThe Trolls Who Stole The North Pole

Art Shulman is a seasoned playwright who writes both comedies and dramas.  He is one of the most produced playwrights in the Los Angeles area, and has been called, "The Neil Simon of the San Fernando Valley", though he prefers it to be known that Neil Simon should be called, "The Art Shulman of outside the San Fernando Valley".  His plays have been produced both nationally and internationally.

His full-length produced productions include:


   The Rabbi & The Shiksa

   Old Broads Can't Dunk

   The $4 Million Giveaway


   The Rabbi & The Gravedigger

   God, Bring Me a Miracle!

   September 10

   Sex Is Good For You

   Joe Carbone's Job

   Boxcar & Eugenia.


He has also written two published Christmas plays:

   Spacenapped Santa

   The Trolls Who Stole The North Pole.

His produced one-act plays include:






   Discussion After The Play Reading 


   Sex Is For The Heart

   Flowers For Adam

   The Hole

   The Lemonade Girl