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Meet Gary Young

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Plays By Gary Young

ChabanaisInterruptions: A life, a death, pizza, dancing, and Murphy's Law
I'm a ShoeLeftovers
On Hold: The Myth of Male MaturityRed Head
Rehearsing DutchmanSay Goodnight
Who's on Left at Wrigley

Gary Young's plays, mostly dealing with social issues, have beenproduced and performed at the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, the WhiteHouse, the Smithsonian, and venues throughout the US and Europe. He hasworked with Jean Kennedy Smith as a coordinator for the National VerySpecial Arts Festival, and has produced festivals and writtensuccessful grant proposals to fund programs for, by, and with disabledpopulations and the underprivileged. Funding agencies include theformer HEW, National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for theHumanities, Mobil Oil, US Airlines, and several privatefoundations.  His play, Interruptions - A life, a death, pizza,dancing and Murphy's Law, premiered at the Kennedy Center, and enjoyeda very successful West Coast premier in Los Angeles, June throughSeptember, 2000, at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood.  His ONHOLD: The MYTH of Male Maturity, premieres in England and Hollywood in 2007.  Gary is the President of the Publishers Association of LosAngeles, the Executive Director of the Lifetime Achievement Foundation,and the Director of Professional Development for the IndependentWriters of Southern California, Vice-Chair of the Alliance of LosAngeles Playwrights.

Both Gary and his wife, Kathy, are working with the Department ofEducation, revising and upgrading the relevance and appropriateness ofthe Nation's Report Card, and working to erase the racial/economicinequities of the SAT exam.