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Free FallPure

I am the Impresario of The VirginMotherWhore Project.  A playwright, director, actor, and solo performer, I have been creating and producing theatre for over a decade.  Three major stereotypes for women are the virgin, the mother, and the whore.  I want to debunk these stereotypes and create new images, positive images, not only for women of color, but for all women.  I do not want to be exclusive.  I want to be inclusive so I use the term, "Colorful Women."  I have also expanded my art to include underrepresented communities.

In mainstream media, we mostly hear about the white narrative- the white perspective-the white male-the white female.  But what about our stories?  Where are our voices?  Why aren't we important?  And it starts with us.  It starts with me.  If I tell my story, then I allow other people to tell their stories.  And not just women of color, but everybody.  Because everybody's story is important.  So what's your story?  And how can I help you tell it?