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Meet Christine Frederickson

For part of my college senior independent project (1967-68) as a philosophy major,  I wrote a play based on the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. A professor's comment that only one scene had dramatic reality unnecessarily discouraged me a lot. After college I took an adult ed playwriting class at Northeastern U. and ushered at the former Theatre Company of Boston, while in an MA program in religion. Then family and young children filled my life for a decade, and I finished an M.Ed. In the 1980s, two Playwriting courses at Harvard Extension School helped my writing. Locally in the Concord, MA area, some actors read some of my playlets; one was taped on the local cable TV station.

After moving to S. CA in 1997, I got into the local history. I based my monologue Dona Victoria -- First Lady of San Gabriel on a native Tongva woman, the daughter of a chieftain, who married Hugo Reid after her native husband had died. Mexican dances enhanced the piece at the Southwest Museum for two years in March, produced by the former Women in Theatre group. I had many requests from LA libraries for this piece, but I only write and don't have actress/dancers/tech on hand. I intended this as part of a longer piece involving more of the Franciscan Missions, mixing the present with the days of the Missions and with the European history evident in the Missions, which I may continue.

Having the problem of speaking the truth to people, I see the need to confine this to writing. Issues of religious intolerance (within the same faith too) interest me to approach this in a play. I got engrossed in the 17th-century through working on a play about two scientists of that age; I worked on this play in Intermediate Playwriting at UCLA Extension School, and actors read a scene of each student's work at the Fountain Theatre; in summer 2004, I had a reading of the whole draft by friends in a local Pasadena playreaders group which I audiotaped, as well as the feedback, and this has laid dormant since then, although I have read more background for this. Also, I travelled to places relevant to the characters for more understanding and background. Travel writing, if nothing else, might come of this. 

The past 3 years while in Massachusetts, I had no playwriting peers. I hope to find local people for mutual writing feedback.