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Meet John Glass

John Glass

Street: 3280 Indiana Ave
City: Costa Mesa
State: CA
Zip: 92626
Telephone Number: 251-463-8650
Email Address:

Plays By John Glass

Barbecue at the PromForty Whacks
Harper and the HoarderStravinsky's Kitchen

     After dabbling in playwriting off and on for over ten years, John finally began to get serious with the craft in 2011. He has written six ten-minute plays, five one-acts, and four full-lengths since early 2011, and has devoted an enormous amount of time towards studying the craft.  John had his first short play produced,Give Me Something Good To Eat, in Anaheim in August, 2012, and had the same play in a festival in 2013, in New York.

      In August of 2013, at Anaheim's Stage Door Repertory, he had the first staged reading of one of his full-length plays, "The Noise of Our Times." And in October, John had a production of 40 Whacks, a one-act Halloween play based on the story of Lizzie Borden. This production was also at Stage Door. 

     John has also published poetry and short fiction in over twenty literary journals. He is consistently shopping all of his work across the country, and his most recent focus is 900 Dead, 1988, a full-length drama framed around the Jonestown massacre of 1978. 

       His day job is teaching high school Spanish, and lately John has also been writing and researching Hispanic-themed plays for youth theater. You can read more about these plays and other writings of John at