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Meet Mary Lou Newmark

Mary Lou Newmark

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Mary Lou Newmark is an electric violinist, composer and playwright living in Los Angeles, California. Although classically trained with Masters degrees in both performance and composition, her work is far from traditional. As an artist of both music and words, Mary Lou creates works for theater that combine the performing arts to explore social issues. 

Her "Street Angel Diaries" looks at homelessness from the perspective of  homeless people themselves. Directed by Darin Anthony, "Street Angel Diaries" premiered in a full theatrical production on the Boston Court Main Stage in Pasadena, California in December 2006. Philip Brandes of the Los Angeles Times hailed Mary Lou's "modernistic musical sketches on her neon-lit electric violin -- picture Laurie Anderson on a good hair day, but aiming more at emotions than intellect."

Mary Lou is excited about her latest hybrid theater work, "Breath of Trees," which debuted in two workshops performances in November 2011 at ARC Pasadena. Video clips can be seen on her website.