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Meet Richard Buckner

Richard Buckner

   I wish to make contributions to the theatre by combining my training, research and experience in computer and information sciences with my writing and theatre degree.  I have written 2 poems, two short stories and 10 plays of varying generes most taken through table and staged readings.
  Using an original multimedia play script format designed to be projected with embedded images, sound effects and music that can be seen and heard on a computer monitor privately or during a performance, additional interest and cost savings result.  I had to get Microsoft to change the code for Word to do this seamlessly--an unusual accomplishment.
  I am starting Buckner Holiday Productions to provide lower cost, family oriented entertainment with a lot of music and positive changes in the characters.  I love story telling and unusual twists at endings.  I love comedy but some tragedy is included.  I hope to put on my three act tragicomedy for some of the families of the recent mass murder victims and Sandy Hook School is interested.  This effort is gaining some congressional support.  Any help that ALAP can give will be most welcome.