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Meet Michael Goldstein

Michael Goldstein

City: Encino
State: California
Zip: 91436
Email Address:

Plays by Michael Goldstein: 

Judges Decision: One-Act

Seasons: Full-length (90-100 minutes)

Mail: Ten minutes.

Judge's Decision, about an Olympic athlete reliving her past glories and lowlights, had its first staged reading at Ensemble Studio Theater's Winterfest in 2012.  Judge's Decision was accepted by the William Inge Festival for a workshop/staged reading in April, 2016.

Seasons, a romantic drama about an unrepentant 80-year old Jewish Communist and his long-suffering, apolitical daughter, is set for its first full stage reading at Ensemble Studio Theater's Winterfest on March 26, 2016.

Mail is a ten-minute piece about an elderly mother and her middle-aged son going through her mail, which shows us what kind of woman she is.