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High Tea/With His Excellency

By Robert Joseph Ahola

Genre: Comedy/Drama with Savoir Faire
Runtime (Min/Max): 135 - 135 Minutes
Cast: (Male/Female/Other): 3/4/

Synopsis: A proper English Baron stranded in a small Texas town regularly takes "high tea" with the local country club ladies, only to have their reverie interrupted by a crude but colorful oil tycoon and his naive legal counsel. But this time - when "High Tea" trickles into the cocktail hour, and the "cocktail hour" develops into a drunken symposium - The Baron Raymond Van Peldt and the oil tycoon Ira "Candy" Cane challenge the Thursday afternoon "Tea Ladies" to a bout of Truth or Dare, and end up getting far more than they bargained for. Suitable for Adults.

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Notes: Winner: Long Beach Playhouse New Works Festival, 2005. Published by JAC Publications in 2007.

Contact Info: Robert Joseph Ahola 310-713-0547

It's not your usual Thursday! Somebody spiked the Tea!

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