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Dr. Max Love

By Robert Joseph Ahola

Genre: Comedy/Drama. A sex comedy becomes the Chinese Box.
Runtime (Min/Max): 95 - 95 Minutes
Cast: (Male/Female/Other): 2/3/

Synopsis: Question: Will our next levels of computers be angels? Answer: Meet Dr. Max Love. The time is the very near future. Dr. Max Love is a handsome, dashing love machine with a 200+ IQ, a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, and an M.D. in neurology. He is a Renaissance man, a great wit, a brilliant conversationalist, and a sensitive caring friend. He is also a custom-designed, test market android leased by two women executives, one of whom treats him like a "sex appliance," and the other who has fallen deeply in love with him. When a male rival comes barging in to challenge Dr. Max, what begins as a raucous sex comedy becomes the Chinese Box and raises the eternal question: On the Wheel of Life as many of us perceive it to be, does the soul seek intelligence? Or does intelligence seek a soul?

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Notes: Performed in West Hollywood in 2003. Published in 2007 by JAC Publications.

Contact Info: Robert Josph Ahola 310-713-0547

The Year is 2030, and we all live in virtual worlds. Dr. Max Love has come to deliver us from them.

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