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A Meerkat Christmas

By Robert Joseph Ahola

Genre: A Comedy in Two Acts
Runtime (Min/Max): 90 - 95 Minutes
Cast: (Male/Female/Other): 3/4/

Synopsis: The loving, charming, witty and somewhat dysfunctional Remus Jacobsen clan gather together every year for a rather lively Christmas celebration. But when daughter Erin, 23, brings home her 70 year-old fiancee who is living in his rusted out 1962 Bentley, the holidays as they know them will never be the same again. But who is Kristoff Meerkat Elwing III? Is he, as is rumored, an eccentric billionaire? A con-artist? Or an Angel unaware?

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Notes: A PG Christmas Comedy to Scandalize the Whole Family. Published in July 2009 by JAC Publications.

Contact Info: Robert Joseph Ahola 310-713-0547

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