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T__zan and Jane Share Their Erotic Jungle Fantasies

By Patricia Lamkin

Genre: Comedy
Runtime (Min/Max): 9 - 10 Minutes
Cast: (Male/Female/Other): 1/1/

Synopsis: Jane tries to evolve her ape man by teaching him the importance of foreplay and fantasy in this fun parody of the classic films starring Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Sullivan.

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Notes: Despite the suggestive title, this play is only mildly sexual in tone. T__zan and Jane had its West Coast premiere at the Three Rose Players' Writer Speaks '11 in North Hollywood, California. During the development process, this work had two productions at the Brick Playhouse in Philadelphia, the second being by special request of the company!

Contact Info: Patricia Lamkin (323) 450-6426

Julianna Robinson and Mike Sabatino in the Three Rose Players Production of T__zan and Jane Share Their Erotic Jungle Fantasies, February, 2011.

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