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The Little Witch of Wichita

By Beth Martin Brown

Genre: children's musical
Runtime (Min/Max): 60 - 65 Minutes
Cast: (Male/Female/Other): 4/4/3/5

Synopsis: When Katrina, The Little Witch of Wichita, arrives at the annual Halloween Happening forgetting her "assigned ingredient," the conniving Eastwitch and Westwitch, "the keepers of the cauldron," trick her into going into the deep dark woods. Promises of a new computerized, digital, high speed Internet access broom tempt her into these woods in order to find, not only her assigned ingredient for Witch Hazel's brew, but also those of Eastwitch and Westwitch. Witch Hazel's bratty son, Butch, trails Katrina into the woods, lets her find the missing ingredients for the brew, and steals them, claiming the digital broom for himself. But, after she encounters Armando (an endangered Mayorcan Mambo Mouse), the Peek-a-Boo Tree, and the Very Old Man, Katrina learns the true meaning of respect for endangered species, the environment, and one's self.

Notes: Winner of the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs award out of 300 entries. Has had eight productions in the last seven years around the country. Ten original songs. Book by Beth Martin Brown. Lyrics by Sandy Sherman. Music by Kevin Kaufman.

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Eastwitch and Westwitch plotting and singing "Trick or Treat."

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