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The Man in the Desert

By Peter Colley

Genre: Historical Drama inspired by true events.
Runtime (Min/Max): 100 - 100 Minutes
Cast: (Male/Female/Other): 4/2/

Synopsis: Lawrence of Arabia. It's a name that conjures up an image of a heroic Englishman in white silk Arab robes charging on a war camel across the sands of Arabia. But what happened to Lawrence after Arabia? T. E. Lawrence's life after his legendary exploits in the desert is stranger than anything portrayed in the famous film. He was one of the greatest celebrities of the age yet he changed his name, rejoined the military at the lowest rank and sought anonymity in the distant corners of the British Empire. What could have happened out in the Arabian desert that would cause a man who had achieved such fame to despise the very myth he had created? This new play sets out to discover the truth beneath the legend.

Notes: Premiered in 2007 in the US. Premieres in Canada, Australia and Saudi Arabia in 2008. For more info go to

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