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NARCISSUS: The Last Days of Lord Byron

By Robert Joseph Ahola

Genre: A Drama in Two Acts
Runtime (Min/Max): 110 - 110 Minutes
Cast: (Male/Female/Other): 6/5/1

Synopsis: George Gordon Lord Byron-poet, satirist, raconteur, phenomenal athlete, animal rights activist, duelist, political revolutionary, bisexual incestuous womanizer, loyal loving friend and generous philanthropist-also seems to have become, in his own time, the very invention of Celebrity. Vain, flamboyant, indiscreet and yet surprisingly self-aware, Byron is perhaps the first man to raise the question: "Can a man live too much of a life at the expense of all else?" NARCISSUS takes us to Lord Byron's final journey as he spearheads the Greek War for Independence against the Turks and is guided by the ghost of his friend Percy Bysshe Shelley to revisit all the specters of his lavish but scandalous past.

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Notes: Published JAC Publishing and Promotions. Burlington, MA (2011)

Contact Info: Robert Joseph Ahola 310-713-0547

The man who invented celebrity is at last destroyed by it.

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