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The ALAP PRODUCTION CONTRACT FOR PLAYS and the ALAP LETTER OF AGREEMENT FOR PLAY READING were written in the early 1990s by Dick Dotterer, one of the original members of ALAP and its Co-Chair from 1997 to 2002. Both documents were written in consultation with The Dramatists Guild, and are meant to serve as models for playwrights when negotiating their own contracts with theatres and producers.

As the owner of your work, it is up to you to determine what terms you wish to negotiate with a theatre or a producer, and these documents are merely a guide to the areas you should consider. You may find that certain provisions do not apply to your production, that you prefer to modify certain language, or that you wish to eliminate entirely certain paragraphs. As long as you are satisfied with the terms, any variation you may choose to use is acceptable.  We wish you the best of luck!