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Aging With Grace

By Frank Farmer

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Runtime (Min/Max): 90 - 90 Minutes
Cast: (Male/Female/Other): 5/2/

Synopsis: An older man\'s rocky relationship with a somewhat younger woman named Grace. Earl Nelson is a retired professional screenwriter, living alone in a modest but expensive beachfront bungalow in the Florida Keys, just south of Key Largo, he whimsically named FADE OUT. Moderately successful, he had one huge success: a screenplay that won the Academy award for best picture, but not for best screenplay. The ultimate prize eluded him, but his work was always in demand. That is, until he hit 50. Fewer and fewer assignments, less and less money. Finally, the phone stopped ringing and at age 60 he found himself hustling for work; work that rarely materialized. Earl\'s daughter, Lisa, a real estate broker, is convinced that her father needs to sell his beach house and move to a Leisure World type condo development she represents in Coconut Grove where he would be closer to shopping, medical, and other retired seniors. Lisa is very persuasive in her sales pitch to Earl. He agrees to look the complex over. He does so, he likes it and sells FADE OUT. Then he finds out who bought it: enter Grace Murdock. Grace is the widow of Frank Murdock, who was an influential film critic for the Miami Herald. With few exceptions, his reviews of Earl\'s work were decidedly negative. Grace is 64, fashion model face and figure, very self-assured. Grace introduces herself as the new owner of FADE OUT. To say that Earl and Grace\'s first encounter was contentious would be a gross understatement. Earl tries to renege on the sale but to no avail. The sale is legal, binding, and final. To further complicate the situation, Earl is hired out of the blue to write a screenplay; a story of his that had been optioned many years ago: Treasure of the Sierra Madre´┐Żunderwater; sunken Spanish treasure instead of gold dust in the mountains of Mexico. The day escrow closes Earl is hard at work on the script as Grace begins moving in. He adamantly refuses to vacate the house until the screenplay is finished. It\'s a stand-off on the sand with a glorious view of the sea; a sea beginning to agitate as a storm approaches on the horizon.

Notes: One set, realistic, practical living/dining/kitchen.

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