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Milk and Cookies

By Jonathan Dorf

Genre: Dark Comedy
Runtime (Min/Max): 70 - 80 Minutes
Cast: (Male/Female/Other): 2/2/

Synopsis: March 1996. Thirtysomething Marge's reverie about the single man on her milk carton is interrupted by the news--broadcast by the mysterious Blondie--that a teller at the local bank is dead and that there are still no leads in the ten year old theft of a carton of milk from Sam's Twenty Four Hour Market. Marge's seven year old son Jackie tells her that he and his younger sister poisoned the cookies they gave the bank teller. As the police arrive, Marge flees, leaving her children to fend for themselves. Limping along the highway, Marge accepts a ride from Bruce, the man on the milk carton and about her age, offers Marge a ride. Bruce, on the run from "milk," a conspiratorial corporate entity, persuades her to join him in a quest to find Rufus, a reputed freelance version of the witness protection program rumored to be somewhere in Montana. Their quest takes them through Nevada and Idaho, as they steal cars, break into slot machines, rearrange dairy cases and yell "fire" in a half-crowded theater--and eventually follow Blondie to a dairy farm in Montana. Will Rufus give them the new identies they crave? What about Marge's children? And what if the milk conspiracy turns out to be reality...

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Notes: Developed by City Theater Company (Wilmington, DE). The play premiered at the Sidewalk Studio Theatre (Burbank, CA), where Backstage called it "beguiling," saying that "Dorf has a wonderful knack for writing snappy, slyly politically incorrect dialogue, which feels like a collaboration between Woody Allen and David Mamet."

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Rufus (Patrick Gallagher) tries to reason with Marge (Beth Patrik) at the Sidewalk Studio Theatre (Burbank, CA).

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