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- In Our Own Voices 2017!
- ALAP at the Hollywood Fringe
- Pride Play Reading Festival!
- Summer Picnic: Save the Date!
- ALAP's New Address -- and Yours!
- Discount on Dramatists Guild Membership
- Wanna Host a Salo(o)n?

- New Works Lab Update
- NewsFLASHes

In Our Own Voices 2017

A Tale of Two Eras:

When In Our Own Voices, ALAP's longest-running program, kicked off in 1994 -- and for several years thereafter -- it was done in coffeehouses: there were plenty of them around town, most had (small) performing areas, and were happy to host an evening of readings.

Then came Starbucks.

So In Our Own Voices transitioned to bookstores, particularly Borders Books: there were plenty of them around town, most had (small) performing areas, and were happy to host an evening -- or afternoon -- of readings.

Then came Amazon.

When Borders went out of business, In Our Own Voices moved to Barnes & Noble, which has graciously hosted us for a number of years. This year, we were set for B&N in Santa Monica on May 21, and another store on May 27 -- only to discover last week that the second store would unexpectedly close its doors on May 1.

We tried for a second venue, but it was too last-minute. Sooooo... this year, there will be one In Our Own Voices, on May 21 in Santa Monica. To partially make up for the lack of a second date, up to 10 playwrights may participate.

And for those of you who are wondering "What is In Our Own Voices"...?

It's a reading series. Members sign up -- on a first-come, first-served basis -- for 10-minute slots, which they can use to read a short play, or an excerpt from a longer work. Up to four actors can help with the reading, but the playwright must be one of the readers, hence the title In Our Own Voices.

It's always lots of fun, and it's free to participate and to attend. If you're interested in being one of the participating playwrights, contact program producer Gary Young at ASAP to request a slot. Make sure to put "IOOV" in the subject line of your email.

And if you're not participating, consider coming to watch and listen!

Sunday, May 21, 2017
2:00 PM

Barnes & Noble Santa Monica
1201 Third Street Promenade
Santa Monica 90401
Parking in City structures; first 90 minutes free

This event is FREE, seating is first-come, first-served.

ALAP @ The Hollywood Fringe!

ALAP has a show in this year's Hollywood Fringe, and it's gonna be great!

Six short plays were chosen to comprise an hour-long show called The [ ] Box. All the plays incorporate a small, mysterious wooden box. The plays and playwrights are: The Memory Box by Dan Berkowitz, Cohn Crosses Over by Joe Godfrey, A Shaggy Dog Story by Leigh Kennicott, The Box in the Park by Mona Deutsch Miller, Who's Afraid Of... by Brian Raine, and Celebrity Death Watch by Rom Watson.

The cast will consist of Royana Black, Mariah Bonner, JP Hubbell, and Bret Shefter, with Brian Katz providing live music.

Brian Raine will once again produce for ALAP, Dan Berkowitz will direct, and Benjamin Scuglia will stage manage.

We're looking for one ALAP member to volunteer for each show, to help with front of house -- in return for your help, you get to see the show free! If you'd like to volunteer, please write Dan at -- first come, first served!

ALSO, presenting a show at the Fringe costs money, and we need to recoup our costs! So please consider buying a ticket -- or several -- and coming to the show. You'll be supporting ALAP and your fellow members, you'll get an idea of what kind of shows the judges pick (a hint if you want to write a show for next year?), and you'll have a good time!

Tickets are now on sale. Visit ALAP's Fringe show page and click "Tickets."

ALAP will once again sponsor a "Playwrights' Mixer" for writers who have shows in the Fringe. The Mixer takes place on June 4 at 4:00 PM. If you have a show in the Fringe -- or know someone with a show who should know about ALAP! -- visit our Mixer page and get the details!

See you at the Fringe!

Pride Play Reading Festival

The submissions are in the hands of the judges, and we'll know their choices at the end of May!

Plan to join us on June 17 to see and hear the winners of this year's ALAP/ City of West Hollywood Pride Play Reading Festival, in which new LGBTQ plays receive rehearsed readings -- and everyone who participates gets a small cash stipend!

The program is free and open to all, so put it on your calendar and plan to come. Best of all? A milk 'n' cookies reception follows the readings!

Saturday, June 17, 2017
2:00 PM

Community Center at Plummer Park
7377 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood 90046
Free Parking in Plummer Park lots off Santa Monica and Fountain, or street parking (make sure to read signs)

This event is FREE, seating is first-come, first-served

Summer Picnic: Save the Date!

Sunday, July 9. 2:00 to 5:00 PM. Write it in your book now and don't plan anything else!

ALAP's Summer Picnic will once again take place at a member's home high on a hill with sweeping views and a swimming pool.

Catered food, good conversation, and tacky door prizes: who could ask for anything more?!?

Watch for the official announcement and RSVP form in about a month...

ALAP's New Address -- and Yours...

Please remember that ALAP's mailing address has changed!

After what seems like about 100 years, the facility hosting ALAP's mailbox had to move. It's not far away, and is still on Sunset Boulevard, but the street number is different. The new ALAP address is...

7190 Sunset Boulevard #1050
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Please make sure to use the new address if you write us.

ALSO, if you move, please remember to tell us! We've had several members renew recently, and when we sent their new membership cards, the envelopes have been returned with post office stickers saying "Addressee Unknown: Unable to Forward." And a few others wrote to say they haven't been receiving ALAP emails, and it turns out they'd changed their email addresses but hadn't told us.

So if you change your address -- or your email address -- please log in to the website and correct the info on your Member Page. It'll save us all a lot of frustration!

Discount on Dramatists Guild Membership

As we recently announced to members, The Dramatists Guild has offered ALAP members who are not also Guild members a discount on their first year of membership. We strongly feel all playwrights should belong to the Guild, not only because of the benefits you get from membership, but also because the Guild is the national playwrights' association, and its voice is stronger and more powerful the more members it has.

In addition, the Guild is bringing a Dramatists Guild Institute "intensive" to Los Angeles in July: a weekend-long program of classes, workshops, and a Town Hall. Early-bird pricing for the Intensive is $185 for Guild members and $400 for non-members -- if you join the Guild using the ALAP discount, and sign up for the Intensive at the member rate, you save a s**tload of cash!

Discounted Guild membership rates for ALAP members are $115 for Member, and $80 for Associate. To check out the requirements, visit -- in a nutshell, to become a Member, you need to have been produced or published, and to become an Associate, you only need to have written a play.

And for more information on the July Intensive, check out

WARNING! The "early-bird" rates for the Intensive will be expiring soon. So if you're interested and want to take advantage of all these discounts, act soon!

Wanna Host a Salo(o)n?

ALAP's monthly Salo(o)ns are small, informal gatherings at which we discuss a topic of interest, then socialize over snacks and champagne. They're held at members' homes, but all the member has to do is provide the space: ALAP brings the food and drinks, so hosting is a breeze!

We're looking for Salo(o)n hosts for June and later in the year. If you'd like to be a Host with the Most, please write Dan or Jon (email addresses at the bottom of the newsletter) and let us know!


ALAP's New Works Lab Coordinator Jonathan Munoz-Proulx reports that the next Lab will be hosted by East West Players on July 17. Watch for the submission notice which will be going out momentarily!

Jonathan further reports that negotiations are underway for Labs with Alliance Repertory Company, Celebration Theatre, Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA, Los Angeles Theatre Center/ Latino Theatre Company, and Watts Village Theatre Company. Watch your inbox for submission notices.

For details and guidelines about the Lab, click "New Works Lab" in the navigation column to the left.


ALAP's March Salo(o)n, hosted by Jon Dorf, saw Christopher Aguilar making a point. He made more points at the April Salo(o)n, hosted by Brian Raine, but we forgot to take pictures.

Kristen Lazarian of ALAP (L) and Jennie Webb of LAFPI collaborated to organize a fabulous event in March celebrating SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now)

... where the audience looked to the front of the room...

... to see three of ALAP's four female Vice Chairs doing the welcome. L-R Lesley Asistio, Diane Grant, and Ann L. Gibbs (ALAP's fourth female Vice Chair, Rose Desena, is our Woman in New York)...

... and the SWAN Day playwrights, directors, and actors posed for a group portrait at the end of the afternoon!

At April's Cocktail Party, the snacks table looked sumptuous as the party started (it looked kinda pitiful by the end)...

... and Ervin Kang and Alison Minami chatted...

... while Mary Crescenzo (in red) and her date got to know Elixeo Flores (far left) and the three other members of his writing group who all drove in from Ventura...

... but the Long Distance Attendance Prize went to Joan Lipkin, Artistic Director of That Uppity Theatre Company in St. Louis, who posed between Dan Berkowitz (L) and Vincent Terrell Durham, both of whose short plays she produced in last year's BRIEFS Festival at her theatre...

... the crowd starting to assemble for the awarding ot the tacky door prizes, which this year included a Donald Trump coloring book (presented with an orange marker)...

... and as Lesley Asistio headed home, Frank Lawson (L) and Vincent Terrell Durham seem to be thinking "Does her bag say what I think it does...?"

The graphic for ALAP's Hollywood Fringe show -- it's gonna be some fun!


PLEASE NOTE: The NewsFlash and the weekly Member News Email can only publicize your writing. However, if you're acting in a show... or have directed one... or whatever... feel free to post it on ALAP's Facebook page!

UPCOMING: THRU MAY 14: Thomas J. Misuraca's A Safer World, Sacred Fools Second Stage, 6320 Santa Monica Boulevard, THRU MAY 16: Thomas J. Misuraca's 5 Plays, Whitefire Theater, 13500 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, MAY 4: John Glass's Katie and the Crutches, Our Lady Queen of Angels School, 2046 Mar Vista Drive, Newport Beach... MAY 8: Best of PlayGround-LA with work by Vincent Terrell Durham and Rhea MacCallum, Zephyr Theatre, 7456 Melrose Avenue, MAY 11: VBS Repertory Theater's Festival of Short Plays with work by Michael Goldstein and Michael Halperin, Valley Beth Shalom, 15739 Ventura Boulevard, Encino JUN 2-18: Dan Berkowitz's The Twinkie Defense, Santa Paul Theater Center, 125 South 7th Street, Santa Paula, CA, 805-525-4645... JUN 3-24: Gregory Crafts's Three Can Keep a Secret, Hollywood Fringe @ Studio/Stage, 520 N. Western Avenue, JUN 3-24: Armen Pandola's The Rising, Hollywood Fringe @ Sacred Fools Second Stage, 6320 Santa Monica Boulevard, JUN 8: John Glass's Don't Let Bigfoot Bite, Our Lady Queen of Angels School, 2046 Mar Vista Drive, Newport Beach... JUN 8-11: Joe Godfrey's Police Activity, Gallery Players, 199 14th Street, Brooklyn, NY, JUN 16-25: Dan Berkowitz's Places Please, Bee Kay Theater, 110 South Green Street, Tehachapi, CA 661-822-4037...

CONGRATS: To Roger Bean, whose Honky Tonk Laundry was done at Broadway Theater, Vista, CA in Mar... Diana Burbano, whose Silueta was read at Casa 0101 Theater Little Casa in Apr... Peter Colley, whose I'll Be Back Before Midnight was done, in a new German translation, at Krimitheater, Stuttgart Feb-Apr... Gregory Crafts, whose Yellow Means Caution won a People's Choice Award at Short + Sweet Festival in Sydney, Australia, and is in the running for Best of Festival... Vincent Terrell Durham, Jonathan Josephson, and Rhea MacCallum, who all had work in PlayGround-LA in Mar...
Vincent Terrell Durham, who won the People's Choice Award at PlayGround-LA in Feb... Paul Elliott, Scott Mullen, and Rom Watson, who all had work in Family Secrets at Neo Ensemble Theatre in Mar-Apr... John Glass, whose Raiders of the Lost Rakasa was done at Our Lady Queen of Angels School, Newport Beach in Mar... Diane Grant, whose Sunday Dinner was read at Theatre Palisades in Apr... Polly Grose, whose Whistle Cabaret was read at The Playwrights' Center, Minneapolis in Apr... Starina Johnson, whose A Perfect Match was done at Towne Street Theatre in Apr... Thomas J. Misuraca, whose Don't You Forget About Me was done at Theatre East, Staten Island, NY in Mar-Apr, Manservant 3000 was done at Eclectic Company Theatre, and Figments was read at FirstStage, both in Apr... Ray Richmond, whose Transition was done at Lounge Theatre in Apr... Daniel Rover Singer, whose The Cave was read at SkyPilot Theatre in Apr... Rom Watson, whose Pickle Juice was read at Neo Ensemble Theatre in Apr...

SEND US YOUR NEWS! NewsFlash is for you! If you have news an opening, a reading, a grant, an assignation! send it to us at the ALAP address or e-mail to Deadline for the next issue is June 23.